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Cloud Services


IFTAS Cloud platform is a unique Community Cloud Computing ecosystem that is fully dedicated to the Reserve Bank of India and its subsidiaries. Its contemporary and enterprise-class cloud infrastructure offers world-class functionality without the hassle of platform and operations management. iftas cloud offerings can be leveraged in full or partially for specific services. This provision model allows RBI and its subsidiaries to setting up IT infrastructure to cater only services that they immediately require. That’s not all, most of the offerings have been designed to be flexible and operable in a shared or dedicated set up.


IFTAS Cloud platform is built on the Software Defined architecture.

Automated Infrastructure provisioning
Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)               
Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for secured remote working
State of the art Multi-Layered Security
Unified Infrastructure Observability Dashboards
Recovery (DR)              
Automated Site Recovery (DR) for critical workloads.
Sharing environment              
Secure object storage and sharing environment (File Sharing System)


  • skill Multi-vendor MPLS cloud network for critical financial services with High Availability (HA) and Auto Fail Over (AFO). 
  • skill Resilient Data Protection and long-term retention. 
  • skill Provision for database or storage level encryption. 
  • skill Hosting of diverse Workloads (Physical, Virtual Machine, Container). 
  • skill Automated Life Cycle Management (Patching, Anti-Virus, PIM, Asset Management). 
  • skill Highly secured Availability Zones in Tier-3 / Tier-4 Data Centres with 24x7 availability. 
  • skill Enterprise grade hyper-converged platform for optimum performance and easy scalability. 
  • skill Strong tie-ups with infrastructure and data centre partners. 
  • skill State of the art multi-layered security. 
  • skill Infrastructure with multiple redundancies for high availability (HA). 
  • skill Carrier-class network layer. 
  • skill Separate Secured multi-vendor MPLS cloud network for financial services community with HA and AFO. 


Infrastructure as a Service

  • Basic Server
  • Backup
  • Load Balancer
  • Public IP
  • VDI
  • DR as a Service

Container Service

  • Container
  • CI/CD

Platform as a Service

  • Database Server
  • Web server
  • Application Server

Software as a Service

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • LMS (Learning Management Solution)
  • SFMS (Structured Financial Messaging System)
  • BMS (Board Management Solution)
  • Workload Mobility (Workload Migration Tool)



  • skill A dedicated Cloud MPLS to connect to the Cloud.
  • skill Keen understanding of data security and privacy needs with client data located within Indian geographical boundaries.
  • skill With our vast variety of solutions, you can choose the best fit for your requirements and save cost.
  • skill Highly secured internal environment & encrypted traffic plans.
  • skill DMZ for externally exposed applications.
  • skill Governance, risk & compliances processes including business continuity Plans.
  • skill Innovative/Best fit solutions that leverage the collective mindset of an organisation focused on the financial services sector.
  • skill We follow the best practices and processes to ensure your data and account is safe & secure.